T1 True Wireless Earbuds

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TWS gives you high quality music and freedom from wires. It reduces all the background noise and gives you enjoyable music experience.



  • Wireless & Cable free.
  • Light in weight.
  • Compact in size.
  • Superior stereo music.

Basic Specification of earphones:

  1. Earphones charging Current: 55mAh
  2. Earphones charging time: 1 hour
  3. Working Voltage: 3.3V~4.2V
  4. Standby time: about 40 hours
  5. Play Time: Upto 2.5
  6. Talking Time: 2 hours
  7. Bluetooth version: 4.2V
  8. Support Profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  9. RF transmit: Class-2
  10. Transmission Range (Hz): 2.40GHz ~ 2.48GH

Earphone Speaker Specifications

  1. Speaker specifications / mode: Φ6mm
  2. Impedance: 16Ω/ TYP.
  3. Frequency(Hz): 20Hz~20KHz
  4. Sensitivity: 93±3dB
  5. Input Power: 2.0mW (Normal), 5mW (Maximum)

Earphone MIC Specifications

  1. MIC type: Silicon MIC
  2. MIC sensitivity: -42±3dB
  3. SPL:130dB

Basic Specifications of Charging Case

  1. Charging Port: Micro-USB
  2. Charging case (Full) provide power to earphone: Up to 1.5 times
  3. Charging time: Up to 2hrs
  4. Input Voltage: DC5V
  5. Charging current: 300mA
  6. Output Voltage: DC5V



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