TM502 Tablet Mount Plus

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A sturdy holder which not hold tablets even mobile can be mounted easily.Simply load your Tablet / Mobile inside the cradle of the headrest mount in the backseat of your car and get entertained throughout the journey without actually holding the mobile.

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  1. Headrest mount holds the mobile/tablet tightly protecting it from excessive shaking or vibration on rough roads.
  2. Easy to install and remove: No tool required.
  3. Flexible width side grips/wings can be adjustable.
  4. Innovative design allows 360 degree Rotation With maximum length of 120mm-205 mm.
  5. Compatible with 4”-11” inches devices.

General Details:

Material ABS Plastic.
Compatible: Mobile and tablet
Model No.: MG-TM502
Color: Black

 EAN: 6594369037530


Warranty: 12 months limited warranty

CE and ROHS certified


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